Corporate Responsibility Group praises GoodCo

Here’s an extract from the November newsletter of the Corporate Responsibility Group / Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability – praise indeed!

Book review

Recently, CRG convened a round-table discussion – kindly hosted by Olswang LLP – on the areas that CR and sustainability practitioners would like to see addressed by the political parties in their manifestos for next year’s General Election.

To catalyse the discussion, Tom Levitt, former MP and now a consultant, shared his views on how government, business and other stakeholders can combine effectively to drive change.
Tom’s latest book, Welcome to GoodCo, is now available to members’ at a significant discount.

 “Not many responsibility authors are able to write first hand as teacher, charity trustee, Labour MP and consultant and Tom Levitt’s  new book ‘Welcome to GoodCo’ is all the better for it.  Levitt’s diverse experience means this book reads as credibly when exploring political machinations as it does when considering how business acts for good (though Levitt’s one CV gap is as employee of a private company!). Significantly, CR is barely mentioned until three quarters of the way in and before you get there you’ll pass one of the clearest analyses of the recent crisis I’ve come across. The book is an easy read but still poses difficult questions; some downbeat messages are countered by the upbeat tone. So, buy this for a more nuanced view on how business makes a difference and you won’t be disappointed.”
– Matt Sparkes, CRG director and Global Head of CR at Linklaters LLP.