The Social SME


Tom Levitt’s report supported by JRF is published 

In 2012 the Joseph Rowntree Foundation agreed to support Tom Levitt and Sector 4 Focus in looking at how small and medium sized businesses relate to the communities around them. On a limited budget we soon realised that this was a big project, even though it was limited to Bradford and York. Nevertheless, twelve months on we have been to able to reach some conclusions based on limited data. These are:

– even small rises in employee numbers are associated with greater and different types of community engagement

– there are few significant differences in SME community engagement between the two cities despite their differing economies

– there is little in the way of strategic planning in employee and company engagement with communities in SMEs and SME networks are small and do not prioritise these issues.

You can download a PDF file to read the full report, published in May 2013, by clicking this link:

JRF Report FINAL May 2013

See also my Blog post of 7 May 2013.

The 2015 follow-up report, The Company Citizen, can be found here.